Image Collection

Over 150,000 high-resolution, full color images.

The Dermatology Image Collection presents both common and no-so-common skin diseases in an interactive educational core curriculum all tied to therapeutic options (generic vs brand name, package insert vs off label indications and mono therapy vs combination therapy) with before and after images for outcome comparison.

Images are organized alphabetically and divided by diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and treatment.  Where appropriate, we will also include histopathology. Please select an alpha letter to get started.

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The Dermatology Image Collection also provides over 150,000 high-resolution, full color images and histopathology micrograph correlates taken from Dr. Joseph Bikowski’s actual medical dermatology practice patient presentations covering a time span of over thirty years.

Over the next several months, we will be regularly adding images for dermatologic disease, differential diagnosis and treatment. 

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