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What is Dermatology Education and Resource Mentors?

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Dermatology Education and Resource Mentors, LLC is a company formed to improve educational resources in the field of dermatology. DermEdOnline is its first initiative and provides full visual and written explanation of dermatological disease in consort with an in-depth presentation of all therapeutic modalities. There are three key components to the DermEdOnline website:

  1. DermEdOnline gives medical professionals access to a scalable, structured dermatologic core curriculum encompassing all medical dermatology knowledge of consequence to the everyday practicing dermatologic clinician. Learn more in our Education Center »
  2. The Dermatology Image Collection consisting of over 150,000 high resolution images of clinical dermatologic disease and histopathology micrographic correlates with corresponding metadata.
  3. A Lecture Series presenting the knowledge of leading researchers, faculty and our founder, Dr. Joseph B. Bikowski – an informative and entertaining presenter of clinical medical dermatology who blends anecdote with evidence-based medicine to teach those who heal.

Why should you use Dermatology Education and Resource Mentors?

In the real world, basic medical dermatology training is deficient in medical schools, non-dermatology specialty residency medical training programs and physician assistant education programs. A proven core curriculum for physicians and mid-level practitioners (physician assistants) simply does not exist. Something needs to be done to “complete” the training for all practitioners involved directly or indirectly in dermatologic diagnosis and treatment. After all, dermatology is the specialty that treats the diseases of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes.

Some attempts have been made to offer basic and advanced dermatology training through various media and means: print publications, CME conferences, podcasts, etc. However, “fragmentation” and “disarray” are the hallmarks of present and previous endeavors, no matter the presentation format. They only offer information on a particular topic, at a particular time with no attempt to provide a comprehensive education. In addition, no project exists at present which is designed to achieve the endgame of comprehensive dermatologic education over time with verification of successful accomplishment and completion.

Based on the knowledge, training, and teaching ability of Dr. Joseph Bikowski, Dermatology Education and Resource Mentors, LLC is designed to fill this gap. Learn more about the expert behind Dermatology Education and Resource Mentors.

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